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Each organization is on a unique journey to a truly inclusive culture. Addressing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within an organization is crucial to not only better serve your clients and other stakeholders, but to also create a safe and engaged environment for all of your employees. Dr. Washington advises clients across the globe on how to lead with intention within their organizations on the topic of DEI.

Diversity, equity and inclusion strategy consulting is about helping organizational leaders grow to realize, activate and maximize their DEI efforts. Our approach to DEI is unique as it combines the expertise of scholarly research with the practical application that it takes to achieve meaningful and sustainable outcomes. As featured in Harvard Business Review’s recent article “U.S. Businesses Must Take Meaningful Action Against Racism”. Dr. Washington is an expert on advising global clients through connecting research and practice. Strategy consulting with Dr. Washington is not an off-the-shelf experience, but instead is customized to each client through understanding your unique culture and partnering with you to reach your goals.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy

We provide strategy consulting for leaders looking to commit to systematic cultural changes in how they recruit, develop, engage and assess performance.

Leadership Coaching

We provide coaching to leaders and executives from a number of diverse organizations.

Workshop Facilitation

Our workshops are highly-interactive with a focus on participants learning and practicing new tools for success.

Speaking Engagements

We bring leadership insights along with practical tools to inspire and motivate audiences of all sizes

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Thought Leadership

When and How to Respond to Microaggressions

The original article published by Harvard Business Review.  In U.S. workplaces — and around the world — people are finally engaging in real conversations about race, justice, diversity, equality, and inclusion. That’s a good thing, hopefully paving the way for meaningful anti-racist action from both individuals and organizations. But those discussions will in all likelihood…

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U.S. Businesses Must Take Meaningful Action Against Racism

The original article published by Harvard Business Review.  The United States is in crisis. As we write this article, videos of racial violence and racist threats toward Black people in America flood social and news media channels. Public demonstrations against injustice are happening in at least 30 localities. During non-violent protests, other parties have engaged…

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Seeing Beyond COVID-19: A New Vision of Fair and Equitable Performance Management

The original article published by People + Strategy journal.  Perspectives People + Strategy posed a question: “What are the challenges to fair and equitable performance management in the aftermath of COVID-19?” By Laura Morgan Roberts, Dani Monroe, Ella Washington and Zuhairah Scott Washington   SEEING BEYOND COVID-19: A NEW VISION OF FAIR AND EQUITABLE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Laura…

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